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Is adopting a child right for you and your family?

For many parents, adopting a child here in Tennessee is a beautiful way to create or add to their family. Adoption may be the only choice for those unable to have biological children, but there are many reasons why more than 125,000 kids are adopted each year, according to the Child Welfare Information Agency.

How will child custody be determined for my family?

Child custody is one of the most important concerns that divorcing parents often have. When you found out that you and your spouse are going to be divorced, your mind may have jumped to your children. You may worry that you may not get custody of your children, and you may wonder how decisions about child custody are even made.

Four back-to-school tips for divorcing parents

School is back in session. This time of year brings about many changes that both parents and children need to adjust to. New schedules, homework and extracurricular activities will keep everyone busy. On top of it all, families going through a divorce are dealing with other personal difficulties. Separating spouses need an effective co-parenting plan from the start. 

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