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What happens if your underage child receives a DUI?

You know the dangers of drinking and driving and likely take great care in avoiding getting behind the wheel when you’ve had too much to drink. Now that your kids are entering their teenage years and heading towards adulthood, you trust that you’ve done all you can to educate them on the dangers of alcohol.

Those fears may increase as your child receives their driver’s license or learner’s permit. Driving can be dangerous enough for inexperienced drivers without the presence of substances like alcohol.

Minors face unique punishments for alcohol

Aside from the dangers of drinking and driving, there are legal risks unique to minors found driving under the influence.

If convicted, your child could lose their license for a year without the possibility for a restricted license. They may find having to ask their parents or friends for rides once again to be inconvenient. Additionally, a court may fine your child $250 and order them to serve community service.

Even possessing alcohol brings stiff penalties for minors. Should law enforcement find your child with alcohol, they could lose their license for one year or until their 17th birthday depending on which is longer. Penalties worsen for second offenses.

Keeping open lines of communication

If your child finds themselves in the presence of alcohol while they’re underage, they must be aware of the risks of consuming or possessing alcohol before they’re 21 years old. Continuing to set a good example as a parent is a great way to demonstrate responsibility with alcohol.

Soon, your teenager will be heading off to college and getting their first taste of independence. You can enhance your peace of mind by discussing not only the dangers of drinking and driving but the potential legal impacts alcohol can have on minors.