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Is adopting a child right for you and your family?

For many parents, adopting a child here in Tennessee is a beautiful way to create or add to their family. Adoption may be the only choice for those unable to have biological children, but there are many reasons why more than 125,000 kids are adopted each year, according to the Child Welfare Information Agency.

There are many highs and lows for adoptive parents and some may wait for years before finding a match for a child or birth parents. It can be a complicated process, where they must be willing to undergo intense scrutiny and fill out piles of paperwork.

Am I ready for the responsibility?

The joy and satisfaction many get from adopting a child is reason enough to go through what can be a lengthy process to add a new member to the family. However, before you begin the journey, ask yourself some basic questions to decide whether adoption is right for you:

  • Why do I want to adopt?
  • Can I handle the commitments and expense of adoption and parenthood?
  • Can I deal with not being biologically related to the child?
  • What kind of adoption is right for me?
  • How old do I want my child to be when I adopt him or her?
  • Do I want a child of a certain race or culture?
  • Do I want a special needs child?
  • How will I talk to my friends and family about the adoption?

Know what requirements you face when adopting

Tennessee state law allows single or married residents age 21 and older to become adoptive parents. They can be first-time parents or adding to their family, they can own or rent their home and work full-time, but the state must be satisfied that they can meet the emotional and financial needs of the child. Working with an experienced family law attorney here in Tennessee can help you with the complicated paperwork and reduce the time and costs associated with the process, helping you make your dream become a reality.